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At the Giggles childminding I provide a happy, caring and loving environment where your child feels secure within a positive routine.

Helping to lay the solid foundations in a safe, family style environment, your child will learn to develop self discipline and confidence and to express themselves, while giving peace of mind to our parents.

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Fun & Stimulating

Having fun in a safe and relaxed atmosphere, children learn to care for themselves and each others while playing. Various activities are provided for children, painting, music, puzzles, books, playdough and a great collection of toys to play with!

Caring Environment

Providing a caring home style environment, Giggles are just like a family. Helping to provide the children with a safe and warm atmosphere ensures the children are relaxed and comfortable while just as importantly, giving peace of mind to our parents.

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Nationally Qualified

I am a qualified nursery nurse and hold the N.N.E.B qualification. I have worked with a local nursery prior to my two youngest children being born and also possess experience in childminding having been a state registered childminder for many years.


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