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A little about me

Hello, my name is Deborah and I would like to tell you a little about myself and my experience. I enjoy working with children and find caring for children very rewarding.

I provide childcare in a fun, stimulating, warm, home from home environment to children from Cumbernauld and the surrounding areas.

I am a qualified nursery nurse and have held the N.N.E.B qualification for over 20 years. I have previously worked with a local nursery and since my two youngest children were born several years ago.

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At home various activities are provided for children, painting, mark making, music, puzzles, books, playdough and a great collection of toys to play with! All children can chose their own activity or chose to join in with a group activity.


With Giggles your will receive a welcome pack, inside each pack you will have a variety of policies and procedures to read, DONT WORRY! take your time, you don't have to read them all in one go. In addition you will also have some forms regarding permissions and information on your child for emergency contacts and medical advice.

I will always ensure parents/carers updated on their child's activities of the day, so I like to have a little chat when collection time comes around, but of course only if you have the time, I understand most people have a very busy schedule. Booking time with me for meetings is an option also.

Each child will sadly eventually leave to go onto nursery or people move home and move out of the area! Either way you will be able to take your child's experience in Giggles.