Common questions

Provided below are a list of the most commonly asked questions by parents.

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What happens if I am late collecting my child?

I appreciate that there will be times when you are late due to unforeseen circumstances and I will of course continue to care for your child. A text is sufficient to let me know and give an estimated time of arrival. I hope you understand that additional charges will be applicable.

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Do you give discounts for siblings?

Yes, if you are full time (Monday to Friday for more than 7 hours per day) there is a 10% discount for the older child.

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What happens if my child is ill?

If your child has a cold then I am happy to continue caring for them, provided they are well enough to take out on school runs. If your child has sickness, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis or anything infectious, I won’t be able to look after them until 48 hours after the illness. As I am available to work and unable to fill the space at short notice, you will be charged when your child cannot attend due to illness. If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, it may be necessary for you to collect them early depending on their illness.