Fees policy

Essential information concerning fees

Did you know that you might qualify for Tax Credits? You could be entitled to help with the cost of your childcare.

Hourly Rate:

Giggles hourly rate is normally £3.85 - £4.00 for pre-school children and £5.00 for before and after school (paid weekly or monthly in advance). All fees are charged to the next nearest half hour, e.g. if you require care for 5 hours and 10 minutes, your fees would be charged at 5 hours and 30 minutes. As with standard nursery / childminder policies throughout Scotland, Giggles adopt the continual fee system which facilitates a standard continual payment structure for our parents. This provides you with the same rate regardless of holidays so that your fees don't fluctuate. (For further details about the fee structure please contact Giggles.)

I will provide all snacks and drinks. You are required to provide all meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner), baby milk, baby food, nappies, wipes, creams, sunscreen.

Playgroup and nursery sessions will be charged in addition to your fees, should you choose to have your child attend these. Your fees will be calculated on a weekly or monthly basis as agreed in your contract. Any fees due over and above your contracted hours will be calculated and invoiced to you.

Retainer Fee:

Included in fee structure (as with many childminders in Scotland)
What is a retainer?
Traditionally a retainer is a used to hold a childminding / nursery place when they are about to start nursery. With many childminders in Scotland the same system is also used to provide a guaranteed place for your child when you take a holiday. Many childminders are in a position where they regularly have to turn prospective parents away due to lack of space. The current fee structure ensures that when you take a break, your child is guaranteed a place with the childminder when you return. Without this structure in place the childminder or nursery could realistically accept another child in their place.

Hours of business:

Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 6.00pm
If you need care out-with these hours, please ask and I might be able to compromise.


  • Illness (me): no fees apply
  • Illness (parent/children): full fees apply
  • Holidays/Occasional days off (Me): included in fee structure (Please contact Giggles for further details)
  • Holidays/Occasional days off (children): Full fees apply


I take up to 6 weeks of holidays per year unpaid. Any occasional holidays or days off, earlier drop off or later collection out-with the 6 weeks will be charged at full fees.

Generally holidays example: 1 week early in the year, 2 weeks in the summer , 1 week later in the year and 2 weeks off over Christmas/New year. .

How to Pay:

Fees are to be paid:

  • By cash, childcare vouchers, standing order or bank transfer
  • In advance, on a weekly or monthly basis
  • On the day/date agreed in your contract.

All contracted hours must be paid in full regardless of attendance.

Late Payment:

I enjoy my choice of career as a childminder. Playing with the children etc is something I love, however my career also provides income and like you, I have bills to pay. With that said, I would be grateful if you could ensure your payment of fees are on time. If I have not received payment on the agreed time as per your contract, I will provide a reminder (generally verbal) that they are due. Failure to provide the required fees means that Giggles Childminding services reserve the right to charge an additional fee to cover any potential cost that may have arisen ie: bank charges. Please be aware that your childcare place is at risk if you are late in paying.

Subsidised Fees:

In the situation where childminding fees are to be paid or partially paid by a third party, e.g. relative, employer or college/university, the third party will be issued with a copy of the contract. Invoices will be issued to you and it is your responsibility to ensure fees are paid promptly as agreed in your contract. Where fees are paid or partially paid by a college/university, it is your responsibility to pay during holidays (Easter, Summer, October and Christmas) plus any in-service days. If your fees subsidy is stopped for any reason, it is your responsibility to pay all fees.

Ultimately, it is the parent's responsibility to ensure fees are paid.

Termination of contract

As with standard nursery / childminder policies throughout Scotland, one month notice is required for the termination of the childminding contract. (Your normal fees apply for the last month)